We Provide Services and Solutions

With the Insurance market becoming more competitive and complex, the need of the hour is for Insurance specialists who will not only get you the best, most cost-effective cover but will take the headache of Insurance Administration out of your hands.

We provide customized services and solutions that go beyond the traditional Insurances taken by you for covering your risks.

Our services and solutions include

Risk Assessment Services

A comprehensive review of the Business process to assess the adequacy of Insurance policies and Sum Insured. Our Risk Assessment service provides valuable service to clients. Our goal is to fully understand the clients' businesses and interests in order to provide them knowledge of the various risk exposures.

Risk Assessment's main function is to help clients:

  • Understand risk exposures.
  • Provide a comprehensive list of the existing coverages.
  • Suggesting recommendations to cover the risk gaps uncovered during the process of assessment.
Insurance Portfolio Management Services

Placement, administration, and assistance in claims negotiation. We provide the creativity and attention of a boutique firm, combined with the resources of a large and experienced organization to provide a complete resource for the management of clients Insurance Portfolio.

For our clients, we strive to:

  • Analyse the client's business processes
  • Provide advice on the existing coverages vis a vis the risks exposures
  • Organize quotations for Insurance placement
  • Placement of Insurance with optimum coverages at the best available price
  • Day-to-day administration of the Insurance portfolio
  • Assistance in Claims Negotiation.
Onsite Services

Internal insurance administration at the client's locations. Our helpdesk service at the clients place enables clients to organize and manage their policies and claims with ease.

On site service aims at providing:

  • On site staffing
  • Efficient claims management service
  • Ease of operation and knowledge about the portfolio.
Liabilities Vertical

We also have Specialty Lines vertical in recognition of the specialist attention and expertise needed on such products.